Monday, August 10, 2009


Welcome to Nikkilooch! I've been wanting to change my blog name for a while to something shorter and less angry. Because I'm shorter and less angry. Not really on the shorter part.

Why Nikkilooch? It's my husband's pet name for me and I love it. His family all call me that, too. I think it's so sweet and really makes me feel like part of their clan.

And now if you'd kindly direct your attention to the spankin' new, beautiful banner at the top of the page I'd like for you to take it in. Remember Sexton Day? My brother made this beautiful banner for me. The only direction I gave him was that I wanted it to have some kinda coffee in it and that I like hearts. He came up with that most lovely banner in a matter of not a long time. He's so nice to me. It has coffee and hearts. The two things I love most in this world. Well, maybe not most but in the top 25 or 50 at least.

There are going to be a lot more topics that I cover and things I include in this new blog: more pictures, art journal pages, more day to day life. I love seeing how other people live. It's the little peeks into their lives that make this online community really work. It makes you feel like you really know your internet friends even though you may have never heard their voice or given them a hug. I'm excited to document my life this way.

The give-aways:

The first give away is in honor of my new banner. It's a moka, espresso, and a small vase. Please note that the moka (espresso pot) pictured here is NOT the pot you will be getting. This one is my husband's and I'm pretty sure he'd show me how his AK-47 works if I ever gave it away. The winner will be getting a brand new shiny pot. The moka pictured here is a one cup and the one I'm giving away is a 3 cup. So not only is the winner's shiny it's also bigger. *pets your temper tantrum head*

I included the vase in case a non-coffee drinker (which if you are, please give it another chance coffee is lovely) wins the coffee prize. The little vase is from Nove not far from where I live. Nove is known for its ceramics. The store where I got this vase is known for providing ceramics for a little store called Williams Sonoma and a jewelry y'all may have heard of called Tiffany's.

Yeah. Good stuff. The next give-away is a book by my beloved Jill Mansell, Rumour Has It, and a journal. I love journals with elastic bands because they can hold in all the treasures you find as you write down what's important to you.

How to enter:
Just leave me a comment saying what you love about August. Contest ends Thursday, August 13th at midnight Central European Time. This contest is open to everyone on the planet. Please tell your friends.
I hope you, my loves, are as excited as I am.


  1. Hi, I'm not sure how it was I first discovered your blog, I just thought it was cool that you were living in Italy, lol. The banner looks awesome!

    I love August b/c it's the start of school and I get to stock up on school supplies even though most are for me I make my daughter think they're for her! lol.

  2. Your new banner is cute!
    I love August because it of all the school supplies on sale. I love pens, paper, etc. I am 26 and not in school and have no children so lol. I would love to win the vase/book. :)

  3. Love the new blog! August is the time that my family rents a cottage. It is my entire extended family and we will all be together for one week. We have been doing this since before I was born so it is exciting to be able to see them all and catch up.

    I have added you to my blogroll - and am keeping my fingers crossed hoping to win the coffeepot. Thanks so much!!!


  4. In it to win it!!

    Oh - and your blog just told me I am a lovely person. How delightful!

  5. Loving the new header AND blog.

    So..what I love about August? Hmm..the fact that fall is just around the corner.

    P.S. What's the name of the store in Nove that sells the Williams Sonoma stuff? If you can believe it I still have yet to go there.

  6. My favorite thing about August is the chance to sneak in a few last trips to the beach or do something else lazy before summer is over and the busyness of fall begins.

    I noticed Julia & Julia in the PX the other day, but was too cheap to buy it at the time. Now I really want to read it, but keep forgetting to ask at the library.

    This is my first visit to your blog (by way of New Girl on Post), but I think the header is great. Oh, and you'll also save on shipping to me if I win the prize, since I'm in Vicenza too. I'm a fan of Faster than Kudzu as well!

  7. I am not in love with August (and I don't think I should enter 'cause I've already won something from you) so don't add me, but I'm loving your new blog.


You are a lovely person.