Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Rest Falls Away

I just finished The Rest Falls Away by Colleen Gleason and it’s left me with mixed feelings. The first time I picked this book up I just couldn’t get into it. I could tell it was a good story, but it was getting on my nerves. All those “betwixt” and “whilst” words were throwing me off. It turned out that I needed to lay off the fiction for a while because when I came back to this book this weekend I tore through it. I did find myself skipping over a lot of the description towards the end so I could find out what happens. I’m not sure if that’s a writer or reader error.

I’m excited to start the second book in the series that I won from Nancy, but I think I’ll get bitter against the vocab again if read one right after the other. I enjoyed this first book but it didn't leave me craving more. It's like oreos for me. They are good, but every once in awhile is all I need to keep me happy. Maybe I'll feel differently after reading book #2.

I really want to get my hands on Julie and Julia before the movie comes out. So I’m going to stop by the library after work to see if they have a copy. It’s been on my wish list since I saw it on the shelves 2 years ago when I came home for Christmas.

I love kitchen/cooking memoirs. Well, I loved Cooking and Screaming.

Had any good summer reads?


  1. I've read tons of good books, this summer. Sweetwater Run by Jan Watson and Offworld were both really fun. I loved Scared by Tom . . . something. Uh, Tom Davis, I think. Hard reading, but good. I'm enjoying TSI: The Gabon Virus. I need to write up my July Reads in Review. I can't even remember all the good stuff I've read.

    I haven't heard of Cooking and Screaming. I've got a copy of Julie and Julia. I need to read it before the movie, too.

  2. BTW, I can see why the language would get tiresome, although I actually liked it in Colleen's books (I don't always). I'm glad you enjoyed the book the second time. I've read a lot of books that just didn't click for me the first time but which I enjoyed later. I'd space the second one out, since the language bugged you.


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