Friday, August 14, 2009

Storm love

Last night we had one of the first good hail storms of the summer, and it's August already. Usually we've had 3 or 4 strong storms already.

2 years ago right after my husband deployed the hail storm was so bad that hail was coming in under my balcony door. My balcony door to my covered and walled in on three sides balcony that's 10 feet at least from the open side.

My hidden talent is taking pictures while driving.

p.s. Winners of the welcome give away announced this weekend!


  1. I love that picture, too! Now . . . have you read Autobiography by Benvenuto Cellini? You're making me think the guy was more legit than some people believe (I do think he may have had a tendency to exaggerate, but I buy most of his stories). He said he passed through . . . I don't know, somewhere in Italy, just after a hailstorm with something on the order of baseball or bowling ball sized hail that killed the cows and the peasants and did the kind of damage you'd expect from hail that size. I wasn't sure whether or not to believe it, but at least I know Italy gets hailstorms, now. So, thanks for informing me.


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