Sunday, April 11, 2010

No sugar update

I gave up sugar for lent. I felt like I had become too dependent on it and when I gave it up I found out that was true. I went crazy craving sugar. I ate gobs of cheese, chips, peanut butter and other things I'm not proud of to try to replace eating sugar. That wasn't my original plan, but it's how it turned out at the beginning. I didn't eat any sweets or drink any soda for the first few weeks. Towards the end I had a gelato and made a new agreement with myself.

Twice a week. I can eat sweets twice a week.

Then Easter happened. I had the Edy's I love. A piece of Italian cake. Candy. And I'm sure some more sweets that I'm blocking out of my mind. I lost it. I had sugar brain. All week I caught myself dipping animal crackers in a tub of icing until the icing was half gone. I woke up to migraines and a canker sore. I smacked the alarm clock again and again unable to get up because I felt terrible. All from a little sugar.

I didn't realize how much sugar poorly effected me until it came back into my life with such force. I'm sticking with twice a week. It's going to be a life long challenge for me. Like a smoker who quit but still longs for that perfect drag, still hangs out durning co-workers smoking breaks just to breathe a little in. But they do it and so can I.

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  1. Oh, that's interesting. Hmm. Maybe should try that, myself. Yesterday and today have been migraine days. I've been eating toffee ice cream (yummo).


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