Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Birthdays!!!


Today's a very special day for me. It's my husband's birthday. Probably my favorite day of the year. Without today happening my life as I'm living it now wouldn't be happening. I wouldn't be in Italy or an army wife or in love. The list goes on.

As it so happens (lots of happenings), my hubster's birthday is exactly one week before mine. So for a week I get to tease him for being an old man because he's a whole two years older than me. Hey, I know we're in our twenties... just go with it.

Anydangway, in honor of our birthdays I'm having a giveaway!!!

I'm giving away a spot in Elsie and Rachel's online art journaling class. To enter please leave your a comment telling me your favorite birthday memory and a way for me to contact you. The last day to enter is next Friday, April 9th on my birthday.

Good luck and happy birthday, Hubs!


  1. My favorite birthday memory was when I was in 8th grade! SO long ago! I had a joint party with my BFF at a skating rink! We rented the entire place out and invited everyone it was a ton of fun!

  2. [weird, my comment disappeared :(]

    My hubby's bday is a month before mine, and I get to tease him the same way! Two years older for a month, hehe

    My favorite birthday memory was when he surprised me with a dinner + roller skating + slumber party with all my friends! It was the best bday ever :D

    Hope you two have great birthdays!!

  3. My favorite birthday memory was my last one on november 14th. My pregnancy test was positive on that same day! What great birthday present! When my friends and family came over in the evening to celebrate my birthday we told them about the good news right away. Best birthday ever!

    Happy birthday to the both of you!

  4. My favorite birthday memory was my on my 20th birthday:
    I was getting married at the end of that month and we hadn't moved any of our things into our new place so a group of family and friends surprised me and moved all our stuff into our future home while I was out. When I came to the house they were all waiting inside with a birthday cake! It was the sweetest!

  5. My favorite birthday memory was my sixteenth birthday. All of my friends surprised me with a party!

  6. My favorite birthday memory would have to be my 16th. My mom surprised me with cake and ice cream at my Youth group meeting. I got to spend that special day with so many special people.

    Thanks for the chance to win, Elsie and Rachel are such an inspiration.

    blog- www.creationsbykerry.blogspot

  7. My favourite birthday memory is from when I visited family in Australia. During a family reunion in 2004 three family members happened to celebrate their birthdays, so we decided (as a family, of course) to have one big party.
    Now bear in mind this is on my mum's side of the family and there are 7 children, 23 grandchildren and, at the time, 2 great-grandchildren plus a few friends of the family and Meme (my grandmother) and Grampy (my grandfather). We started off the evening watching 8mm film footage Grampy had shot in the 60s/70s of the family and ended up with pretty immense hangovers the next day! Haha.
    It was a fantastic evening and the last time we had a celebration with Grampy, so it will forever be in my memory as the best birthday memory, even though it's not my own.
    This is such a great giveaway, by the way. Such a sweet thing to do. Happy birthday to your hubby and to you too!
    Jaqueline (jaqueline(at)craftyfoxes(.)co(.)uk) xx

  8. AWESOME giveaway!!!! I gave up signing up for this class so I could get a new sewing machine!! Ah! I want this!!!

    Okay so my favorite birthday memory was my 21st Birthday! My best friends came from out of town to be there with me for the weekend! (It's a big deal for them to all come from out of town). I was such a happy girl that weekend! <333


  9. what a generous giveaway!
    My favorite birthday memory was my 6th birthday. I had a party with all of my best little girl friends. My Mom had a special cake made just for me, you know, the kind where the cake is a dress and then there is a barbie sticking out of the top? It was beautiful. I also got my most wanted toy, the Kimberly cheerleader doll. I think that is one of my favorite memories because I was learning to define me and it fit me perfectly. It was a lovely time.

    rollerskates at gmail dot com

  10. Wow what an amazing and generous giveaway! My favorite birthday memory is actually my husband's birthday: he had never had a surprise party before and I got him good!

  11. this is awesome!! one of my fav birthday memories is when it snowed on my 7th grade slumber party...and my mom let us stay up super late to go play in it!! thanks!!

  12. My favorite birthday memory is from two years ago. My whole family came into town to celebrate and we lived in the same town as my in-laws at the time. Our families get along GREAT and the night ended with a huge Nerf gun fight at my in-laws' house. We were all laughing and having the best time!

    And it is super sweet that your husband's birthday is your favorite day :)! Now I am going to go explore your blog!

  13. This is so sweet! My boyfriends birthday is exactly 5 days before mine.

  14. My favorite birthday memory was on my 30th b-day, my husband (now ex), his brother and my dad took pictures of everyone I knew (friends and family and coworkers) in a cheesy purple corduroy suitcoat that had been passed around the family. They surprised me with an album of the pictures - I had no idea what had been going on for the weeks prior to my birthday!

    skellnhofer (at) hotmail dot com

  15. My favorite birthday memory was from this year.I woke up to find that my boyfriend had decorated the entire house with balloons,streamers && such.Later on,he cooked me && my family dinner,he also made me my favorite cupcakes,orange chocolate.He made my day so beautiful.I spent the afternoon && evening with my favorite people.I treated myself with my favorite things without over-indulging && wishing I hadn't.I enjoyed every last bit of my birthday!

    happy birthday to you && your hubby!

  16. Oh what a wonderful giveaway....very generous of you. Lets see a favorite birthday memory would probably have to be from last year. My closest most dearest cousin and her family came to my home for a visit. We spent the whole day doing things I love like visiting the local coffee shop, traveling to my favorite yarn shop, giggling and hanging out, and we finished the day with a lovely relaxed dinner. Time spent with family and friends means the world to me.

    You can contact me at .

    Thanks for the chance. Oh and Happy Birthday to you both !

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  20. Hello, I'm Kaitlyn. I am already enrolled in this cute class, so I am entering this contest for my best friend, who successfully completed a 6-week substance abuse program this morning. We both love to journal, and writing plays a key role in her sobriety/recovery. We live in different cities, so being able to take this class together online would be a beautiful gift for her. (Crossing my fingers!)


    Anyway, my favorite birthday memory was my 5th birthday because my little sister was born! We share a birthday, and it's the greatest present of all. I remember eating a slice of my pink Barbie cake, and then holding my little brother's hand when we walked into the hospital room to meet Jaclyn.

  21. oh wow! this would be amazing to win!!

    my favorite birthday memory is my 16th birthday. i didn't really want anything big, but since my best friend and my birthdays were just a week apart, we decided to have a joint birthday. it was huge. like 85 people huge. what made it so special was that after the huge party was over, my daddy took me out to dinner, just the two of us.... it was so nice. what i really wanted to do for my birthday.


  22. My favourite birthday is from last year. My husband booked the restaurant 3 months in advance so it could happen. We flew to Paris (!!!) and on the day we went to the Eiffel Tower. No queues for us, we went up the private lift of the restaurant Jules Vern. What a meal, what a day! Miraculously the sky was clear and bright and we could see across Paris to the countryside beyond. Then the sky cleared even more. Eventually we could see Paris, a huge amount of countryside and mountains in the distance. It was a truly special day.

  23. This is awesome! Last year I had a pretty great birthday. I was living in California at the time with my twin sister and two friends. We started the day with Starbucks, and I got my first pedicure ever (so fun!). We had a delicious lunch at In-N-Out, spent the afternoon tie-dying t-shirts and went to see 500 Days of Summer. When we got back home we shared a bottle of champy and hung out. The weekend after my birthday we drove to Las Vegas and met 4 friends from Seattle, and we celebrated 4 of our birthdays together, since they're in the same month.

  24. Very Happy Birthdays to you and your husband!

    What a special giveaway!

    One of my favorite birthdays was my 16th birthday. My parents took my twin sister (who commented earlier) and I on a Disney land and sea vacation. We spent 4 days in Disney World and 3 days on a Disney cruise ship in the Bahamas. I was one of my first BIG trips and it was special to share it with the family as we celebrated all week in the Happiest Place on Earth! :)

  25. awe, you are adorable! What a great give-away idea. My favorite b-day memory was just last year. My husband Jon and I summited a mountain that we've wanted to climb for a long time (Longs Peak--in Colorado) We tried the year before but had to head back down because of the bad weather. Then later that week, Jon surprised me with a banjo--something that i've always wanted to learn how to play. All of these things were great, but I just love spending time with him and my friends the most! (:

  26. wow what an amazing give away!
    my favorite birthday memory is of my 21st birthday. (i'm 22 now) i went to las vegas with three friends. our birthdays are all within 3 months of each other so we decided to pull out all the stops and celebrate together! it was four of the craziest days ever!
    happy birthday to you and your husband!

  27. Awesome giveaway! My favorite birthday memory was on my 24th. I had spent the last 2 months traveling around Europe with my boyfriend and we had just met up with his parents at their condo in Spain. We spent the whole day relaxing, drinking, grilling out and watching the beautiful sea.


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  30. My favorite birthday was my 32nd. My now husband took me out to eat and proposed to me at the table right in the middle of the resturant, in front of everyone and it was packed. I was in shock. It had been a long day, I was in Nursing school and I remember just smiling and saying Yes. Some people around us saw him ask me and started clapping. It was so sweet. I remember it every year.

    Great contest and Happy Birthday to your husband

  31. Aww, I love this giveaway and I wish to win soo much!

    My favourite birthday.. It would be about two years ago. My friends came with a surprise party for me. I know that it's nothing special in the US but we usually arrange a celebration day so that everyone could come. This was really unexpected and so so SO great! :)

    Thank you for the chance to participate!

  32. What a great way to celebrate both your birthdays!! I hope your husband will be coming home soon...
    I never win anything, but here's for trying anyway since it's such a cool giveaway...!

    Here's my favorite bday memories...
    When I was in 8th grade, I chose to spend my birthday only with my close friends and family at the waterpark (instead of the big parties with the neighborhood that my mother usually spoiled me with). So, my best friend Monic, my sister Mona, Monic's sister Dina, mom & I went to the waterpark for the day. Despite of mom's warning to get out of the sun and get more sunblock, us girls kept going back to the water without additional sunblock. We spent hours in the water before we finally went home. During dinner was when we finally realized that we got a really terrible sun-burn on our faces and our shoulders & backs. But regardless, it was a great fun day!, even though we paid the price with sun-burns lasting all week long. To this day, it is still my most favorite bday picture. Us 4 girls, dressed in Sunday's best, in front of my ballerina cake, with lobster red faces... :)

  33. For my 5th birthday, my parents threw me a surprise party. I had had a friend over all day and was really bummed when my mom had to take him home. My dad took me over to my best friend's not long after and I was surprised to find my other friend there as well. It was a small party, just me and 3 other kids, a cake and a few presents. I remember the disappoint of the friend leaving the most and the actual party from photographs. Even now as an adult I have always wanted a surprise party again.

    I hope you have a wonderful birthday and the spring sun shines for you!


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