Sunday, June 6, 2010

Copenhagen eats

We've already discussed the churros, which unfortunately aren't native Denmark (or Italy) fair. Denmark is more of a meat and potatoes (and lots and lots of herring) kinda place.

The first restaurant we went to was:

Another thing that I love about the nordic countries is the hard cider. It's like drinking feel-good apple juice. This isn't my first encounter with hard cider thanks to my brother introducing me to Woodchuck.

We saw a ton of commercials for this Temp Cider while we were there. We couldn't wait to try it. It lived up to the sexy commercial hype.


I ordered a "Wild Burger" with high hopes. Because as much as Italy does culinarily well, hamburgers are not one of them. I'd probably say I haven't had a good burger (that my husband hasn't made) since I've been in Europe. That all changed in Copenhagen. It was perfectly cooked (medium), juicy, bacony, cheesy, and on a fresh roll.


They said that this burger came with a salad on it and they weren't kidding. I couldn't wrap my mouth around this thing until I took all the lettuce, rocket, pickles, and wedges of tomatoes off.

My salad looked similar to Cecilia's on the side of her chicken and potato. I stole a bite of her chicken and it was really nicely tangy and not dry at all.

On our fiasco quest to find the Little Mermaid, we came across a nut vendor. She was selling praline almonds. I have an intense love for praline nuts.

Come with me for a moment down memory lane. When I was probably 12 or 13 my family took a trip to Charleston, South Carolina, to see some military family friends that live there. They took us to an open air market where they were selling praline pecans. I ate almost the whole portion. I would have eaten the whole thing if my parents weren't still regulating what I ate. Sometimes I wish they still regulated what I ate. I wouldn't get as many tummy aches for sure.

Cecilia and I split this package because it was about 1 pm and we hadn't had lunch yet. That and they were warm and delicious in a cold, cold country.

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