Friday, June 4, 2010

Copenhagen and Malmo

Sometimes I forget that there are places in Europe (in fact I think it's most places in Europe) that are caught up to 2010. Copenhagen is the best of old world beauty and new world conviences.




One of the main sights that we wanted to see was a statue of the Little Mermaid sitting in the harbor in honor of Hans Christian Andersen. At the train station buying tickets we asked the vendor the stop for her. He said, "I'm pretty sure she's in China." We laughed. So he went to check and came back to tell us that, indeed, she was in China.

Sure, ticket man. We'll find her on our own.

Once we got to the stop where the Little Mermaid is, we asked a local to point us in the right direction. Again she told us that she's "on tour" in China. When we got there we still got to "see" her though. Through a live feed of where she is in China.



One of the other best sights we saw in Copenhagen was Tivoli Garden. It's an amusment park/awesome place that is full of restaurants and rides and flowers and most important: churros.



I wish that I had bought 8 things of these little wormies. I wanted to go back so bad the next day just to buy churros. But the park cost about 20 euros to get into and Cecilia said, "I'm not paying 20 bucks so you can eat churros." Harumph. Some people are so unreasonable.






On Sunday we went to Malmo, Sweden. It was so cute. Even though we didn't venture far from the train station and pretty much spent the whole time shopping, Sweden is a place I'd love to go back to soon. Maybe actually see more than these marching guys in the middle of a shopping street:

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