Friday, September 10, 2010

So many things, so little pictures


My internet at home is anti-picture.  It takes forever to email or load pictures to any website.  While I've been taking some beauties lately, only 4 have uploaded.  Che no bene.

Upcoming posts and or topics or things I want you to know:
  • Romeo and Juliet ballet in Verona
  • I strapped on a harness and climbed things for Missy's birthday. We have proof.
  • Gelato in a brioche with whipped cream in Palermo
  • I've worked the split shift this week (545 AM to 945 AM then back in from 1300 to 1800).  It has fried my brain.
  • We are moving centers at work.  All day tomorrow. But our new center is awesome.
  • I agreed to co-teach a Bible study at the chapel this fall. 
  • I'm freaking out about co-teaching a Bible study this fall.
  • MyCAA is pulling my finical aid for my school because they are poor planners.
  • I have to be an even better planner to get them to pay for as much of my schooling as possible.
  • Hello, long-weekends-of-schoolwork. Not nice to meet you.
  • Cecilia is leaving me soon.  I don't want to talk about it.
  • My first 5k next weekend! 
  • My first 5k next weekend. Pray for me.
  • Read Jill Mansell's Take a Chance on Me this weekend. Outstanding.
  • Book give-away coming soon!
  • If you've made it through all these bullet points are truly are a true friend.

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  1. It's good to hear what's going on with you. Very impressed by the 5K upcoming. Jaiyo! We need to find a chance to video chat soon, this weekend would have been perfect if we had been better planners. But the whole fam (4 Sextons, 2 Andersons, and 3 Tulli) will be a the beach together next week so hopefully we can find time then to catch up. Love from us all!


You are a lovely person.