Friday, September 24, 2010

Company Kindness

On Monday I ordered over $75 dollars worth of sports bras from my favorite sports bra store, title nine.  Yesterday I got an email about the $5 shipping.  So I was a little upset about having a missed discount opportunity since I ordered promptly after I got the sale announcement.  

Quick digression: It's a great sale.  The bras are really much cheaper than normal and are excellent quality.  All my running bras are from title nine.  And since I'm not a girl with a "runners build" as my husband says (aka I have been asked by two different women if they could take a picture of my chest to show their plastic surgens what they want their implants to look like) a good bra is a must have.  I have 3 bras from title nine.  When they say no bounce, they MEAN no bounce.  End digression.

So I wrote the folks there asking if I could take advantage of the discount after the fact.  No harm in asking, right?

I got back the kindest response:

Normally we don't give refunds on shipping since it was a day after the sale, but since you ordered so much and was for the bra sale, I can adjust the shipping for you as a one-time courtesy. :)
title nine / customer service
1-800-342-4448  9a -5p M-F PST

So nice!  

If you are in the market for a new sports bra, or any of their beautiful apparel, you should really check them out. 

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