Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hello, Fall


According to the American calendar (and maybe the Italian one for all I know) today is officially the first day of fall.  Even though the mornings are starting to become crispy cool, it was 80F on my way to work at noon.

I wore sandals.

Come on, Fall.  I need more legitimate crispiness for new boot buying.

I don't, however, need another great reason for art journaling.  I'm taking Janel's I heart fall art journal class and loving it.  So far though I've only been able to play catch up on the weekends.  So hopefully I'll be playing catch up again this weekend and photograph my pages to be able to post them next week.


  1. I'll send some of our cooler weather your way.

  2. I can't send cooler weather. It's still in the 90's, here -- not even a hint of fall, although at least it's dry heat, for once. I snickered at "legitimate crispness for new boot buying." Love the photo!


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