Monday, May 3, 2010

Rally Day

I serve as a board member on our Protestant Women of the Chapel board. I am the special events and retreats person until next month when the new board takes over. This past Saturday was my big event: Rally Day. Even though turn out was lower than I was hoping it was an excellent day. We had a speaker and workshops on the fruit of the Spirit. Lunch was provided and one of the highlights of the day. Our hospitality chairperson made mini-cheesecakes topped with mixed fruit and chocolate spelling out the words: love, peace, and joy.

All of the teachers and the speaker were women from my community. It's amazing how much untapped resources there are in women in our community. Jobs are hard to come by here. Any job, much less one in your chosen field. So ladies who love, support and move with their husbands are often left in a lurch for a few years. This can be good. It can push them into new avenues and have them doing things they love but would never have normally done. This can also be good for me when people like graphic designer, Jackie, is willing to design my fliers because she doesn't have any other designing to do at the moment.

My community is amazing. So are the gifts that God gave the people who live here.

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