Thursday, May 13, 2010

France: the eats

French food makes me weak at the knees.


Just look at this menu. It's exactly the kind I like: vague. Entree, plate of the day, dessert and coffee.


It started off with a small salad and the best deviled eggs I've ever had. Mamma mia the eggs! The yokes were mixed with mustard and something delicious. The salad also had a mustard dressing. Usually I don't care for mustard because it tends to overpower whatever it is on, but this flavor was muted.


Next came fish with rice and veggies. That sentence is so plain compared to the plate I received. The fish was covered in a cream sauce and had muscles on top as well. The veggies had a heavy, creamy mustard sauce.

Dessert was a small bowl of fruit. The perfect fresh end to a creamy meal.


After lunch we headed down the street to a candy shop. It was a fantastical land. They had a tower of macaroons. I got six and gobbled up before I remembered to take a picture.


They also had beautiful chocolates. We got some orange rinds covered in chocolate. Also gobbled before photo shoot.


Finally at the end of the trip we stopped for crepes. Mine was filled with strawberry jam. My friend's (which you can kinda see in the picture) came with cheese.

This was my third trip to France and the first time I was able to find macaroons. I had never had them before because I wasn't able to find a shop on my short trips there. I'm so glad I did this time.

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