Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I read Committed while my husband was home on R&R. So marriage was fresh in my brain, something I was physically living. Even though I live my marriage every day, I am a married person after all, I don’t live it physically as often as most. As a result, my perspective on marriage is drastically different than most. Certainly different than Elizabeth Gilbert’s.

I felt like this book was a history of marriage according to Gilbert with a few sprinklings of Gilbert’s “the audacity!” throughout. It wasn’t until the end of the book that her story came out full. Which is ok, it’s her non-fiction book and she can write it as she likes. I’m a story person. I want the dish and the relationship. I felt like Gilbert didn’t have a problem with marriage so much as relationships in general but in her mind and experience related all those bad things with marriage.
Gilbert did reconcile herself with institution of marriage. She got married again after all.

Anyway, back to the book. Not what I expected, but good. It really got me thinking about marriage through the ages and what marriage means to me. And maybe that’s what Gilbert wanted to do; make people think about what this whole marriage thing is all about.

Her writing, as always, was succinct and poetic. Good read.

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  1. This is something on my mind constantly since I'm engaged and preggers and all. Thanks for the insightful, honest review, Nikki!


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