Friday, November 13, 2009

Oldest Brats in the WORLD

Maybe not the oldest brats because that's gross. Who would want to go to Nurnburg to see crusty old meat? Not me. I admit that I like to travel off the beaten path, but still. That's a little too beat.This is the face of the oldest brat restaurant in the world.

The vines on the side had bottles going up the side of the restaurant. This signifies prosperity and the flowing of beer. All of the most prosperous establishments used to put these outside for good luck and to ward off bad times.

Did you believe that story? Because I just made it up. I have no idea why they put the bottles out there. I love to make things up. I get it from my mom. She was the kinda mom that when you asked as a kid why the sky was blue she'd say because it reflected off the ocean. Then I'd ask what an ocean was because we lived in Kansas. Except that was a story too because when we lived in Kansas I was two. So I wasn't asking for much of anything at that point except for maybe my sippy cup.

Moving onwardly.

All of the tables had the cutest lit up pumpkins resting on felt leaves. Germans know cute.

These are the brats, they are served with potato salad. The potato salad is cold but is served with brats that are firey hot, temperature wise. The bratwursts themselves were perfectly seasoned. I wish I was more well versed in what they had in them, I'm getting pretty good at recognizing flavors but haven't mastered meats. All that to say that these were freakin' good. Please go to Nurnburg and eat some.

Thank you.

I snuck a picture of the waitress to show you that they still wear the traditional garb there in the restaurant. But I didn't want to take one of her front or ask her to take one because she seemed a little upset that we asked for french fries, and that we asked for them in English.

What? Every German I've ever met except for her speaks better English that I do.

It was pretty dark inside but beautifully decorated.

My hubs snagged a picture of the cook and prep area. The cook was definitely not German. He was Asian. The brats were still outstanding and I'm sure that he was trained by the best German brat guy in the traditional brat way.

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  1. I do believe that your memory is faulty. What do you mean that your mother made stuff up.
    That's my story and I am sticking to it!!
    Love....Mama mia


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