Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ear virus

Do not panic! I am alive! It was definitely questionable there for a while if you judge from the amount of pain I was in. I have no idea what I had, some kind of virus that I caught from my husband. He had it a few weeks before me and I guess it was just so nasty it took that long hatch and infest. You're welcome for that lovely picture! Saturday the full sickness hit and yesterday I broke down and went to the doctor. Since it was Veteran's day the health clinic on post was closed.

DIGRESSION: Our health clinic is always closed. Always, always, always. One time the last summer when my husband was deployed I got a stomach virus AND scabies at the same time (thanks kids I work with!) and the clinic was closed for 6 working days in a ROW. I didn't feel like going to the doctor in the first place but I certainly wasn't going to go to the Italian emergency room to sit for hours, throwing up and itching by myself, and not understand the insults the other patients would be hurling my way. I think our clinic makes people SICKER by not being open more than it's closed and by closing at 1630 (4:30!) everyday. Because honestly we'd rather WAIT to understand the mean looks of the people in the waiting room than to get medical attention. END DIGRESSION

SO. My husband and I went and waited. When I got seen the Italian doctor told me I had a virus in my ear and gave me drops, an anti-inflamitory, an anti-biotic, pain medicine, and tummy medicine.

Wow, why did I wait so long to go to the Italian doctor? They are not shy of the medications. And I am a friend of any medication that keeps me away from pain. Lots and lots of ear pain.

Anyway, even though I was pretty sick in Nurnburg this weekend we still saw some good sights, ate excellent food (Nurnburg is known for their bratwurst), I found my dream house, saw an underdog win a heavy weight fight, enjoyed great fall sights and Christmas stuff. Nurnburg is also known for the Chirstmas markets they have there and many of the store fronts were already decorated. It was one of the cutest places I've ever been, which just solidifies my love for Germany. If I could move my dream house from Nurnburg to Dusseldorf I think my life would be complete.

Here's a few sneak peaks of some of the stories I have coming up:

I also fell obligated to give a nanowrimo update. I have not written since LAST Thursday. There's no way I'm going to write 50k this month now. But I'm ok with that and I have not given up. I have a story that is unfolding before me that I really like. I'm sticking with it even past November and into December and beyond (what? I watched The Next Generation as a kid. What's it to ya?). I'm still being encouraged by the weekly pep talks and still pushing through. I'm in such a good emotional writing state because for the first time I'm not bashing myself over the head with a cast iron skillet mentally about not writing more. I have never ONCE thought I was a failure for getting sick and not being able to write.

Leaps and bounds people!


  1. Way to go, Girl!!! Stay with it!!! (Pride emanating)

  2. Oh no... you poor thing. Glad you are on the mend though! And, yea, isn't Germany wonderful? I've not been to that part of the country, mainly we just stay up north but I do love it.


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