Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Out to eat in Sicilia

Last time I was in Sicily we went out to eat once to a "fast food" place. It was hot, sweet buns full of prosciutto and cheese and rice balls filled with chopped meat and peas. Best fast food of my life.

This time we went out to a sitdown restaurant. Our table was especially set with a rose. My husband's zio and zia have lived in this town forever. So when they called to make a reservation and dropped their name we had no problem getting a specially set table.

As soon as we sat down the courses started coming without us looking at a menu. Zia explained that they only serve what they think is best at this restaurant. The freshest food. The best prepared. We started with plates full of sword fish and onions, eggplant stuffed with cheese, filet of fish, crochettes, and fresh bread. Unfortunately, I forgot to photograph these things.

I wised up with the risotto (pictured above) full of baby shrimp.

After that was pasta with tuna and eggplant. When these people say tuna they mean fresh tuna from the sea. The stuff tuna steaks are made from. It had a light tomato sauce, cooked eggplant and fresh mint. A combonation I wouldn't have thought of but were perfect together. I'm drooling just thinking about it. And I'm at work. So maybe I shouldn't being drooling here. Ok, I stopped.

Finally was the platter o'fish. I only had a bite of everything because I was so stuffed. I wish I would have paced myself. Now I know for next time.

I was embarrassed by having the only clean plate on the table when this course came. So my loving husband smeared some of his food on my plate and left a bite or two so it looked like I ate something. That's true love right there.

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