Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Every year the big festival in my town is based around cows. It's a huge deal, I think the biggest festival in our little area. It celebrates the age old tradition of the cows moving from the top of the mountains for the spring and summer down to the lowlands for the fall and winter. The treck the cow make every year is 80k. And they end right here in my town.

See this cute man driving this cart? This is Manuel. He's my landlord. He only speaks Italian in the Veneto dialect and so I generally can't understand a word he is saying. But he's super nice and kinda reminds me of my dad.
There's a long parade/processional before the cows that I'll show you more of tomorrow. But this truck is announcing the good stuff.
Let's get right to the good stuff.

The cows! Don't you love the Italian cow boys? I love them. They love Toby Keith. As was evidenced by how they over ran the post when Toby came to town. They were decked out in all their Italian cowboy duds. Much different (and considerably brighter) than American cowboy duds.
More on the transumanza tomorrow.

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  1. That settles it. I Need to go to Italy. For the cows.


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