Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mama conversation

Online conversation with my mom:

Mama: I am on the mini laptop and it needs to have a microscope attached

Mama: so up the font

Me: i dunno how

Mama: see a font box

Me: no

Mama: click it

Me: i can't

Me: i have no font box

Mama: listen, if i can do it you can do it

Me: only a happy face box

Me: hahahhahhaha

Mama: I will happy your face in a box

I hope it's not evident to only me why I love her so much.

p.s. I just told her I was blogging about her and the response I got (in huge font) was: Will I become famous? Then get a book deal? Then it will be made into a hit movie?

love. :)

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