Monday, July 6, 2009

Munchin, jawohl?

I am currently waiting patiently (as patiently as one bouncing in her seat can wait) for the memory card reader that my parents are sending me to get here. I want to show you my pictures. I WANT WANT WANT to. I’m expecting to get the memory card reader this week. I cannot wait. CANNOT.

Did all my American loves have a fireworky fourth of July?

We (Hubs, me and Hub’s baby brother Chris) drove to Munich. I had my first hostel experience. I have been living in Europe for 3 years and have never stayed in or gone near or thought about a hostel. It just was never an option for Hubs and I because we both have jobs and B&B’s aren’t expensive and that scary movie came out and I didn’t have communal bathrooms in college.

First let me clarify the term “hostel experience.” I did not actually STAY in a hostel. I just went to happy hour in 2 of them and drank an undisclosed amount of 1 euro beers. Good German beers. I think I’m in love.

I am starting my deployment plans. Hubs is deploying again, but only for a year this time. Last time my goals were to get a job (got one) and pay off our student loans (did that) and survive. Making one of your goals to just survive is setting the bar pretty low. I don’t want to just SURVIVE the deployment I want to thrive this time. I want to take my childless self as many places as I can go and take pictures and journal and draw and hear other people’s stories.

Segue time: And you know who stays in hostels? Other people. People with stories. Stories I want to hear and that I can write down in my notebook.

Funny inexperienced traveler story at my baby-brother’s-in-law expense:

Hubs and I are sitting in our hotel room waiting for Chris meet us. We had just finished watching FISH TANK at the Munchin Film Festival. Christ wanted ice cream and said he’d be right up. He comes in eating a prepackaged ice cream bar and says: I think I just paid some random guy for my ice cream.

HUBS: What?

CHRIS: Yeah, there was this guy sitting at a table and he got up to take my money after I got the ice cream out of the freezer. So I gave him the euro fifty and he went back to his seat where everyone at the table started laughing.

We left the hotel and walked by the café that sold the ice cream. Everyone that worked there was wearing and all black uniform.

CHRIS: That guy definitely had a red t-shirt on. I got robbed.

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  1. Funny! I've never done the hostel thing before...think I might keep it that way! :)


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