Monday, July 27, 2009


Munich was my second German city. It was Germany, so it was nice of course, but it wasn't Dusseldorf. (You all know how I feel about Dusseldorf.)

On the first night we were there we went to the Hofbrauhaus. It's probably the most famous beer haus in Germany. Hitler met there pre-war with some of his compatriots to plan. It's also freakin' huge and had an umpah band playing. I got the schnitzel. I do not regret it.

Munich held the Olympics in 1972. From the Olympic park you can see the BMW museum, pictured here. It was probably the coolest thing about the Olympic park.


  1. Welcome back, Nikki! Now, I know who to ask about places to go in Germany. Hubby just went somewhere in Germany, recently. I'm afraid I wasn't really paying attention, since I didn't get to go. Sob.

  2. My first trip to Germany was to Munich. I thought it was really nice but I have to say now that I've been to so many other places in Germany there are others I like better. Berlin is probably my fave.


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