Thursday, July 9, 2009

Le Rhone

In France we stayed a stone's throw from the Rhone river. There's something about rivers running right through the middle of big cities that I fall in love with. I feel like it's natures way of saying, "You needed me to start this city and now I'm not leaving." The rivers are like your crazy rich aunt that put you through college. Even though you paid her back 5 years ago you just can't shake her. She keeps calling. Keeps showing up. And deep down, you hope she never stops.
But you'd never tell her that.

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  1. I love big rivers running through cities too. For a number of years, I lived not too far from a big river--oh, how I used to love walking along the levee. I live in a town now that has a river, but in my opinion, it's not much of one. I teasingly refer to it as the town creek.


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