Monday, June 8, 2009

2 conundrum Kevin

So. I have two cameras. One broke. (Y’all know about that. I whined about it here.) I charged up my other one and was taking pictures of all kinds of stuff. While take pictures I was thinking, “Man, I’m a crazy pie. Why did I even buy that other camera? This one is ALL the time taking photos. And when I press the power button the lens actually OPENS. It’s ten times better than my ol’mailed in camera!”

And then I went to plug it in and the computer didn’t pick up that it was plugged in. It had no IDEA there was a camera that wanted to download it’s pictures on there. I kept turning the camera on and off and off and on to encourage it to be found. But it would not be found. It was like Kevin in UP to that old explorer guy with the little mustache. No matter how many talking dogs I trained to FIND the camera it REFUSED to be found.

When Aimee was here she had a cool memory card USB reader thingy. You put your memory card in there and plug it in and it FINDS your pictures like *snap* that. I went to the PX to find one of these. (I’m out of the loop here in Italy on the fancy computermajigs.) But here is where my story gets more complex. Because the USB guy turned out to be MY Kevin from UP. I couldn’t find her or her babies anywhere. After MINUTES of searching and even asking some Army guys I knew for help, I sill couldn’t find it.

That is my camera conundrum. I want to go to MediaWorld or maybe Emisferro to find one, but that leads me to my two conundrum deal. I’m working a LOT this week. Like, 12 hours on Wednesday and 8 hours the days before that and 7 hours a day after that. I know to Army people (like my Hubs) who work 16 hour days that’s not a big deal. My husband is all the time working 16 hour days then drinking beers at night like it’s nothing. But my little part-time self is used to working 5 hours a day. I’m used to waking up and drinking coffee on my balcony while reading scripture to get myself ready to face those 5 kid and parent filled hours. Plus the Hubs is coming home on 12 hour Wednesday. And we go to France this weekend!

All of that to say I don’t think I’ll have time to find my computer camera Kevin this week.

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  1. Maybe you could order one off the internet? It would take time to get to you, but you wouldn't have to worry about getting off work and hunting down a clerk. I have one of those USB thingies and it is definitely the way to go.


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