Tuesday, June 16, 2009

France Recap (without pictures)

I am back!

France was delicious. The pastries made poor little Italy’s pastries run and cower under a table with its tail between its legs. It’s a goal of mine while Hubs is away to eat my way through the big cities of France. I can mark Lyon off my list.

Let me give you a run down of the best dinner I had while there:
o Halved cantaloupe with port in the middle.
o Roasted chicken with herbs, mixed roasted veg, and French fries. (I guess just fries since I was in France.)
o Best. Chocolate. Mousse. Ever.

Great day in the morning was the food ever good. I had a quest while I was there to eat a crepe. Sadly, it didn’t happen this trip. Apparently the French don’t eat crepes in the morning and that was the only time Hubs and I were free to search for them. WHY you wouldn’t eat crepes all day every day I don’t know. I even went to a French mall that would NOT serve me crepes at 1220 but would serve me a big ol’ice cream if I would like.

The concert was held in an outdoor Roman area. It was pretty cool. What wasn’t cool was that I almost got squashed to death and rained on the whole time. Since living in Europe my personal boundaries have gotten a LOT smaller. I don’t mind any more when people stand so close to me in line that I can feel their breath moving my hair. I don’t even mind pushing my way to the front of lines anymore (because in Italy there is no line. If you want to go to the front, you push.) I have even been to concerts in college on the ground floor and outdoors and remember the pushing and shoving and jumping around. But for some reason at this concert I couldn’t handle it. The people, the shoving, the smell, the rain, the new shoes I had bought that were pinching my toes: it was all too much. I freaked out. I feel bad because that means my husband didn’t enjoy the concert as much as he could have because he was worried about me. But people in France (and Europe) are SMELLY and it was RAINING and we waited 5 HOURS before the show to get in and then for it to start. It was just too much. I’ve been begging the Hubs to give me a second chance at another concert, but he’s standing firm that next time we go we need seats. C’est la vie.

The rest of the trip was beautiful though.

Hopefully I’ll have pictures to post soon. My parents called last night to let me know that the package with the memory card USB thing had been sent. I crossing my fingers for the end of this week or beginning of next week.

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  1. Russians don't do lines either. And the babushki (older women) are the WORST. I got used to elbowing 'Grandma' out of the way, lol.

    Eating your way through France sounds like a great idea!


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