Tuesday, June 23, 2009

German Crepes and Double Knots

It’s been almost a week since I last posted and I have so much to tell you, my loves. Let’s start with bullet points then break it down to the longest, most pictureless post ever.

x Dusseldorf is my new location lover.
x I have pictures but you can’t see any of them (and neither can I.)
x La Bella Figura

Moving onwardly: Dusseldorkin

I want to be a Dusseldorfer. I want to wake up in my house in the old town and hop on my bike down to the market on the Rhine river and eat a crepe for breakfast from the stand that looks like a red truck. (Oh, yes. They have crepes in Dusseldorf, delicious crepes.) Then I want to go to work doing whatever it is that I do while speaking fluent German, of course. For lunch, I’ll meet my husband at a local favorite. Eat schnitzel with fries and a big tall beer. (Beer in Dusseldorf at a restaurant is cheaper than water by almost half!) Back to work, then end the day with a stroll through town. Maybe a beer at the worlds longest bar. Talk to some fellow Dusseldorfers (who are SO NICE and NICE and I LOVE THEM.)

The other thing about Dusseldorf that sold me completely? They have a Dunkin’ Donuts in the train station. DD is my not so secret lover. They have great coffee and delicious doughnuts. If the only condition to getting a D ‘n D on post was that I had to scrub the potties every day with my very own toothbrush, I would seriously consider it. Since American luxuries such as these don’t come around for me, ever, (unless I go to Dusseldorf) I ate a big ol’DD doughnut. I do not regret it to this day. In fact, I wish I’d eaten two. Then I would have told my BetterU about the doughnuts and still not have felt bad.

I took pictures in Dusseldorf. OH, I took loads of them. I took one of the cutest road sign I’ve ever seen (a mamma sign person holding a kid sign person’s hand. It was a hand holding zone. Hubs and I followed the law.) I took some of the river side market and a big Camden County school bus they had there. I took some of the Rhine and some pretty hot air balloons that were being blown up on the other side of the river. I took some of our beers. I took some of the heavy weight fight we went to. I even took a picture of a shop that’s named after my best friend, Laurel, to send to her. I would like to share these with you very much. But my computer had decided that it doesn’t like anything plugged into its USB outlets. So. I was going to upload the pictures at work to share, but the Army now HATES external drives of any kind because terrorists live there. I think.

The book I took to read on the airplane is La Bella Figura by Beppe Severgnini. So far I’m really into it. It’s a commentary on the Italian lifestyle, written by an ACTUAL Italian. None of this, “I’m an American that went to Italy for a little and am now an expert and will write a book,” nonsense. Hope to post a review soon.

VBS has started this week. (If you don’t know what VBS is read about it on Joshilyn Jackson’s blog.) I’m a volunteer and lead a group of 10 kids around to all the different activities. Yesterday we were learning about Moses and the burning bush. We were sitting around a “burning” bush when a voice said, “Take off your shoes. This is holy ground.”

The voice waited a moment. Then it began speaking again. A kid yelled out, “Hold it, Moses! I got laces in DOUBLE KNOTS!”

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  1. I bet this Laurel shop is fabbbbbuuuulous! :)


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