Friday, July 9, 2010



We paid 50 euros for a tour to Luxembourg. We figured after buying a train ticket and the amount of time it would take us to figure out where the heck we were going it wound up being cheaper than going there on our own. According to our tour guide, Gabi, there is no poverty or unemployment in Luxembourg and the average annual income of a Luxembourger is 47,000 euros.



I guess that means they have plenty of money to pay for ridiculous signs.


Lunch was the first order of business. Our waiters did NOT like us. I'm pretty sure it's because we drained our water the first minute after we sat down. When we asked for more, they brought us tap water. Then they brought our food out after everyone else's in our group.

Chicken a la King is a typical Luxembourg meal, we got ours with a side of salad and fries. I'm not sure I've ever had Chicken a la King before. This one was shredded chicken in a mushroom gravy, with a soft croissant type pastry on top.

We kept asking for more water even after we ate. We kept drinking it even though I'm pretty sure people in Luxembourg spit in your drink if you make trouble like they do in the States.


After lunch we went on a train tour. It covered 8 kilometers in 50 minutes. Lighting speed. Instead of a real live person telling us about our surroundings we had an audio recording. They play acted out the history of Luxembourg. Once the extensive history of the country was over, they spent 5-7 minutes telling us that Luxembourg is "Small but grand!" in about 8 different languages. Then the audio tour ended about 10 minutes before the actual tour did.




but grand!

We got back from the Bourg just in time for dinner. That's right:


Mussels in Brussels.


Jean Claude Van Damme may THINK he's the muscles from Brussels, but he ain't got nothing on this girl.


  1. LOL! Your traveling posts make me laugh. Jean Claude better watch out!

  2. chicken a la king...a pastry on top of any meal seems appropriate to me. :)


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