Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Cecilia and I got off to a late start. I stopped by the Commissary to grab some sandwiches and she couldn't get away from her chatty dog sitter. Once Cecilia and I were driving to the airport we got caught in traffic. According to the electric signs over the autostrada there was "traffico intenso" ahead. We cursed the traffic and turned up Flight of the Conchords. It was a car accident. Cecilia said that she saw a body bag. Could you imagine if we had been just 15 or 10 minutes sooner?

After the inappropriate pat down and bag search through security it was just a flight, bus ride, and taxi away from our hotel. The next morning, after my makeshift sausage egg roll, we set out to see the sights. It took us an hour at the train station to buy a metro ticket. Then we got on the train going the wrong direction. Good thing I made that sandwich in the buffet line. It kept my stomach calm during our next unsettling incident: accidentally going to the red light district of Brussels. I saw more boobies than I've ever seen at one time. And I've been in an Italian woman's changing room at a water park, so that's saying a lot. There must have been tens of pairs of them. We just looked at our shoes and walked a really fast round-about way back to the train station.

Since we'd been lost for about 3 hours at this point we decided to try to find some traditional Belgian food for lunch near our hotel. Two hours later we decided on Thai. Chicken with rice noodles for this girl. It was there in a Thai restaurant in Brussels that we discovered the most fantastic beverage known to man:IMG_0139 Sparkling iced tea.

One word: fantastical.
One action: fist pump.

Thank you Brussels for introducing us. My trip was worth it for this only. Thankfully this wasn't the only good thing.

Stay tuned...


  1. TEA??? Sweet tea? Ice tea? What is it??

  2. How do they get the tiny bubbles in there? It is a mystery.


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