Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Roma Cinque

This weekend was my fifth trip to Rome. FIFTH! Can you believe it? And I have NOT been a good Rome visitor my first 4 times. Before this weekend I had never seen the Pantheon, I had never been inside the Vatican, I’d never been to the Piazza del Poppolo. I know. What was I doing all those times in Rome before?

Do you want to see some of the beautiful sights I saw? Would you like beautiful colorful pictures?

Too bad.

My camera broke in the Vatican. (Which was the hungriest trip to the Vatican in the history of all pilgrimages) Right before the Sistine Chapel. Of all times!?!? Don’t worry. My aunt Aimee took pictures. As soon as she gets back from Florence on Friday I’ll upload some.

I have had a bad history with cameras. Last three seemed to be duds. Bad things happen in threes, lets pray and hope that this is the end of my bad picture luck. And I just vowed to take tons more pictures too! I was doing a good job even! Grrrrr.

All in all my trip with Aimee was good. I’ve seen more than I’ve ever seen. And it was my first time taking the train there. I usually fly because it is cheaper and much faster. The train was nice and I’d take it again.


  1. Oh no! It would have been great to see photos, but the main thing is that you got to see all those sights. Finally. :-)

  2. Awww; I'm sorry your camera broke. But it sounds like you had fun anyway! :)

  3. I'm so sorry your camera broke! I have the happiest memories of being in the Villa Borghese gardens on a rainy, overcast day. I hope you make it there on one of your trips if you haven't already!


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