Thursday, May 7, 2009


Ok, so. I don’t know if I’m really behind the curve because I live in Italy or if it’s because I just recently got upgraded to NOT dial-up or if it’s because I only USE the internets for Facebook checking or blog reading or using the Google on my best friends names. Either way, I had no idea about the world of podcasts.

Did you know you can get podcasts for FREE from iTunes about books? Or cooking? Or learning Italian? Or sports?

I didn’t either!

It’s super fantastic. The other thing I put together is that my discovery of podcasts correlates directly with my success at the gym. I’m not really a music lover. I like music. I can sing along with most hits and all of my husband’s favorite bands. But if someone were to ask me what kind of music I like I don’t think I’d really have an answer. I’m just not that into music. Books? Yes. Food? Yes. My hub’s butt in gym shorts? Yes. Gilmore Girls (God rest their souls)? Yes.

Podcasts are NOT music. It’s people talking about many of the things I love. And I can workout for the duration of a 45 minute podcast without getting bored of listening to music!

Please join me in the podcast revolution.

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  1. lol..i haven't jumped on the podcast, facebook, or twitter band wagons yet. when i'm in the car, i listen to audio books. should i really become a podcast convert? tempting...


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