Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Italia vs Fiji


Rugby is by far my favorite sport to watch.  Mostly because of those short shorts they wear and how manly they are.

I don't know about any of you other lady readers out there but I like a manly man.  The manlier the better.  Shew, give me a moment whilst I fan myself.


If you remember I went to see Italy vs Argentina in Verona a few weeks ago.  Last weekend we went to Modena (home of balsamic vinegar) to see team Italy vs Fiji.  It was a pretty amazing match.  Fiji does a haka dance before each match similar to the All Blacks.


We made a weekend of the match and stayed the night in Modena.  We were lucky enough to be staying in the actual same hotel as team Italy.  This monstrous fellow is Sergio Parisse, il capitano.  He makes me and my husband look like smurfs.


This is the BARBARIAN.  Castrogiovanni.  That's a serious last name for a serious player.  This guy was in a scrum one time and broke another person's collar bone.  He BREAKS BONES.  He was also really nice about posing for a picture with us.

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  1. Cool. The latter player looks like a caveman. Of course he breaks bones; he's gotta eat. ;)

    I mostly just stopped by to say "hi" because I haven't been by in so long. Hi, Nikki!!! So glad your hubby is home!


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