Monday, December 13, 2010

The Ball

Can I be real with you folks for a minute?

When am I ever not real with you?  But that's besides the point.


I do not get excited about military functions.  Usually there's a lot of ma'ams and sirs and stand, sit, stand, salute.  I'm a down home kinda girl.  I'd much rather have everyone over for dinner than worry about if my dress is fancy enough or if I waited to let my husband introduce me in a receiving line rather than introducing myself.


I'm an army wife.  If I can take care of myself during deployments I can certainly introduce myself.  Duh.


But readers, I promised I would keep it real.  And the real truth of it is, I had a good time.  A really good time.

Since we're keeping it real I feel obligated to tell you: I also had 4 glasses of wine.

xo, nikki

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