Monday, February 1, 2010

Oh the jackhammers!


Today is the day of jackhammer alarm clocks. And regular hammers. And these two in my yard. When I came home from Paris I found the hole this man is standing in in my yard. It just sat there, open for about 3 weeks. Why didn't I call and ask someone about it? Because I've lived in Italy over three years and adapted their come-what-may attitude. If fate or God or the virgin Mary wanted me to know what the hole was about, then I'd find out. Three short weeks after the hole these Italian work men came (yes, in the winter almost all workmen wear bright, orange, reflective jumpsuits) and started banging about.

Let me back up. We have well water here at the house. In the middle of December a notice was posted that the water in my town was no longer potable. It seems that some chemicals have leaked into the water supply. It is ok to wash in and is ok to drink if it has been boiled because the chemicals will boil off. So we had a town meeting a week after the notices were posted. The landlords of the Americans living here and the command decided that the best way to remedy this is to connect us to the city water supply. We Americans living in this town got an email from the housing office that said that we should have drinking water by the end of January. Normally it would take about two weeks for the water to be fixed, but because of the Christmas season it would take a month and a half.

Oh, Italy.

My landlords son stopped by this evening telling me that they were going to connect the water tomorrow morning. He's going to post to make sure that everything is ok with us being billed by the city and that housing knows what's up. He said that if I come home from work and there's a ticket on my door, everything is ok. Just have to run my water for 10 minutes from every faucet and I'm good to go.

It seems like everything is happening so fast now. Jackhammers. Landlord's son. Water connect. Maybe the hole will be filled tomorrow, too.


  1. I love the Italian attitude of "if I'm supposed to know what that hole is, I'll find out." I think I'm steadily growing to be more Italian as I age. lol

  2. I think I was meant to be Italian.


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