Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Carnevale Dolce

The nice thing about Carnevale is that it's a feste. With feste there comes, what I call, the "State Fair" food. Near the Accademia, at the end of a large bridge, there's a crepe stand.


I know crepes are french, but these Italian ones were just as good as the ones I've had in France. I got a cinnamon sugar one. I do not regret it.


A famous feste food in Italy is the frittella. It's fried dough coated in sugar. The same idea as the American funnel cake.


Usually at the small local festivals the dough is molded into a flat disk, fried and coated in sugar. The ones we found in Venice were spherical and filled with... just about whatever you like.


Naturally, I chose chocolate. Another decision I do not regret. It was moist, sweet but not too rich. The sugar coating was flavored with lemon to make a sharp tartness followed by sweet, chocolately goodness.

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